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picture of ariaAria's connection to the Spirit of the Earth developed when she was a young child. Aria offers healing, consultations, ceremony, and classes nationally. She is currently writing and producing a series of healing meditation CD's.

As a child, Aria often climbed trees and played in the woods near her home in Ohio. Later, she spent most of her days in the creeks, ponds, meadows and woods of her family's campgrounds. As a photographer, Aria used personal projects as a vehicle to spend familiar hours out in nature. She has hiked, camped, and visited sacred sites across Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Georgia, the Carolinas, Costa Rica, and the former Soviet Union.

Aria's formal shamanic studies began in 1991, while earning her Bachelor's Degree in Images and Interpersonal Relations and a Women's Studies Certificate at Ohio University. She studied with Bekki and Crow, participated in the Drum Circle, and completed one of the first Shamanic Practitioner Intensives in 1993. During this time, she studied with local herbalist Cindy Parker, took courses in organic, biointensive agriculture at the university, and participated in ceremony with Rita Whitebud.

In 1994, she moved to Colorado, where she completed the Boulder College of Massage Therapy's 1000-hour diploma program with honors. Throughout her years in private practice, she has completed extensive specialized training including Neuro Linguistic Programming, Neuro Emotional Technique, CranioSacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage and Visceral Manipulation. She continued her shamanic pursuits with Bekki and Crow in 1996, with Sandra Ingerman of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and in other venues. She studied with a circle in Southern California for five years. She has periodically practiced martial arts including Tai Chi and Qi Gong since 1989.

Aria began teaching Usui and Karuna Reiki natural healing in 1998, and has taught all aspects of 1000-hour massage certification in Southern California. Following a serious car accident two years into an acupuncture masters degree program, she decided to change course. After studying humanistic astrology with Keith Burke, she joined the permanent faculty at The Cadent Cross Institute, a teaching institute for astrology, metaphysics and alternative health based in San Diego, CA. Aria expresses her passion for teaching by traveling nationally to offer workshops and small private classes.