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Bekki Shining Bearheart, LMT and Crow Swimsaway, PhD founded the Church and incorporated it with the State of Ohio on December 17, 1990. They serve as its primary clergy and are responsible for training and ordaining others to serve the ministry of the Church.

Shamanic journey work is an excellent tool for self-empowerment and self-healing. It is transformative on its own and an effective compliment to other healing methods. The shamanic path is a profound entryway into Spirit.

Bekki and Crow are shamanic practitioners and teachers with eclectic training and experience. Each has been led to this path by Spirit and and spent many years seeking understanding of the shamanic healing through personal practice. Each has sought out training with outstanding native and non-native teachers to augment their knowledge. Each practices an eclectic form of shamanism that draws on the commonalities of shamanic practice throughout the world, informed by the ancestors and other helping spirits. and the teachings they have received from those spirits they have been privileged to work with.

Crow's doctorate is in social and cultural anthropology. Bekki's academic background is in the arts (including a teaching certification in art) and psychology.

Crow and Bekki offer the major traditional methods of shamanic healing, de-possession and soul guiding work. They teach students in a variety of disciplines, on all levels from introductory to advanced practitioner. Most often, Crow teaches his workshops and Shamanic Apprenticeships at Dragon Waters in New Marshfield, OH; Bekki teaches primarily in Ithaca NY. When possible, they assist each other in their teaching programs.

As licensed ministers, Crow and Bekki perform ceremonies and rituals to celebrate life's transitions. They have often offered these services in tandem; currently Bekki offers these services in Ithaca, except by special arrangement.

Crow and Bekki also spent several decades as professional tattoo artists, starting in 1982, when Crow trained with Cliff Raven in Hollywood. During their years of professional tattooing they focused their energies on ceremonial, ritual and shamanic healing tattoos. See their collection, Bear Walks, Crow Talks for several articles about healing through tattooing.