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Spirit Knife, Soul Bone



"The Circle of the Ancestors workshop was a wonderfully deepening experience, allowing access to new levels of connectivity and personal healing. I've studied the metaphysical and spiritual for years, but Bekki and Crow's teaching has finally brought me to actually experience the rich inner landscape of the soul."
Jo Wheat, Columbia SC

"The value Crow and Bekki place on ancestry has been very powerful, and has brought about direct and tangible healing not just for myself but also for my family (living and deceased). This has shown me my roots, where I stand in the larger flow of things, and created a solid foundation to work out from. Most importantly, they have always encouraged trust in the spirits and in my ability to hear the voice of Spirit within. What could be more important?"
Dan Foor

For Bone Woman

This is the song I give to you
Woman who eats the bones
I make this song for you
Woman who eats only bones
Out of the silence of the mountain
I sing this song
Out of the mountain's heart I birth it
Out of the shape of wolves I shape it
As when we put on the skin of the wolf
Running, running under the full moon
Running silver and white in her light
Shining, yellow-eyed, against the midnight snow
This is the song I make for you
Ancient one of the mountain
With your heart of fire
I am flesh of your flesh
Spirit Grandmother
As we grow long tails together
As we hunt the prey together
Running out of the mountain together
As you guide me, as you guide me
This is the song I sing to you
Teacher in the darkness
The darkness of longing, the darkness of despair
The darkness before birthing
The darkness of the winter
The darkness inside the mountain
The darkness of rest and waiting
The darkness that teaches patience
Will I ever learn patience?
This is the song I sing to you
teacher in the darkness
The darkness of transformation

I sing it to honor you, my teacher
I thank you for the gift of the night sight
I thank you for my crystal body
And the body made of green things
And the body made of the mountain mud
And for your birthing me into these bodies
To teach me the way of change
And the gifts that await me in the dark...

  ------Bekki, 1993 (Thank you, Ailo Gaup,
  for your teachings. They changed my life
  and made it deeper, richer, more blessed...)

This two-day workshop requires shamanic journeying experience. You should be familiar with upper and lower world journeywork and have established shamanic allies and teachers.

It is an excellent next step after taking our Fundamentals of Shamanism workshop. Circle of the Ancestors is required for participation in our Two Week Intensive Healing Training.

Shamanic peoples recognize ancestors as essential connections to Spirit who provide potent guidance. In many cultures the ancestors are as significant, sometimes more significant than allies.
They often function as teachers.

This workshop focuses on contact with our ancestors through journeywork so that each participant can develop a "tribal history," giving a unique window into our individual shamanic heritage.

We learn how to work with our ancestors for personal healing, to resolve family issues, discover plant and animal spirit energies essential to our lineages, and learn about ancient rituals and ceremonies.

We do shamanic work for each other with our ancestors' help. Anyone doing shamanic work who is interested in his or her spiritual heritage can enjoy and benefit from working with their ancestors.

Ancestor work forms an integral part of most shamanic cultures. It compliments the primary skills of professional healers of any discipline, and is excellent for individuals who wish to advance their own healing. A major goal of the work is to open the student to the shamanic realms and to help her/him use these connections in daily life.

Advance registration is required to attend all Church of Earth Healing classes and workshops. See the Schedule for when and where Circle of the Ancestors is next offered.