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"The best feng-shui practitioners are part ecologist, part musician, and part priest. They decode an environment, lend an ear to its discords, and put man and his works back into tune."

--Lyall Watson, The Dreams of Dragons, p94

We include Feng Shui in our offerings of Spiritual Guidance because of the power of this system to help us adjust our personal energies to the major flux of natural energy, the manifold Chi of the Earth and the Universe, which flows all around us.

A thorough and careful Feng Shui analysis can be performed for any place you spend time and energy: homes, offices, shops, multi-use buildings, schools and locations for healing including offices and clinics of traditional Chinese medical practitioners. Crow has also done analyses of small and large tracts of land to help determine appropriate and effective use of the land, including access points, path, trail, road and building locations.

These analyses have helped many groups and individuals to maximize their happiness and productivity by improving their understanding of these places.

"At best it brings the sort of harmony that, in the words of a seventeenth-century devotee, makes a place in which 'the hills are fair, the waters fine, the sun handsome, the breeze mild; and the sky has a new light: another world. Amid confusion, peace; amid peace, a festive air... Here chi gathers, and the essence collects...'"

--Lyall Watson, The Dreams of Dragons, p93

Many thanks to Watson, one of the most inspired of all writers about nature and "Supernature."

Crow had the great and amazing pleasure of spending two years in the 1960's in Taiwan doing anthropological fieldwork. During the 60's and 70's he traveled widely in the Orient including Macao, the Ryuku Islands, two visits to Japan, one to mainland China, and many visits and many weeks spent in Hong Kong. He was and is deeply fascinated by things Oriental.

This time was Crow's first exposure to Feng Shui, the Chinese system for achieving optimal coordination of human and earth energies. It was amazing to him to discover the constant popular use of this first earth science in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Japan. Concepts, principles and weekly examples of its use filled many conversations and the popular press, though books in English were few then.

Back at the London School of Economics, Crow was happy to discover that Maurice Freedman, a leading scholar of the anthropology of Hong Kong, was teaching a course about Feng Shui. Furthermore, one of Crow's fellow graduate students had just returned from Viet Nam with a copy of a rare treatise about this earth science, which had been published there in English. Crow was quick to benefit from this unexpected wealth of information.

Crow continued to study and learn about Feng Shui in London and during his travels. He was fortunate to be able to do a photo-study of an old graveyard on the Ryuku Islands. The tombs and their layout had been carefully designed along Feng Shui principles.

He has practiced Feng Shui since returning to the U.S. in 1970, having done work in Missouri, Salt Lake City, Chicago and Ohio.

He has taught Feng Shui at Dragon Waters,* at the Chicago College of Psychophysical Healing and the Rosewood Art Center near Dayton, Ohio and is available to teach at other locations at introductory and practitioner levels.

*Dragon Waters, the home of the Church of Earth Healing, is so named due to its outstanding Feng Shui energies, including the Dragon Waters which flow past its south facing main entrance and wrap around the Dragon and Tortoise sides of the building.