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From 1992 to 2010, once or twice each year, Bekki and Crow taught their Two-Week Advanced Healing Intensive, a powerful and challenging residential training held at Dragon Waters for no more than four people at a time. Over that time they trained over 40 individuals in the advanced healing techniques of shamanism, including Shamanic Extraction, Psychopomp, Soul Retrieval, and Shamanic Energy Healing.

In 2013 Bekki and Crow re-invented their relationship. No longer marital partners, they are still co-ministers of the Church of Earth Healing, and both carry on active teaching and healing careers. Bekki resides in Ithaca NY, and continues to occasionally teach with and for Crow in Athens, Ohio and at other locations. Because of this change, and for other reasons, they now teach the Intensive coursework through shamanic apprenticeships.

Both Crow and Bekki are rigorous in their expectations of their shamanic graduates, and know that the people who have been called to the training are exceptional healers.

Some students use this amazing work for their own healing. Some have an interest in shamanism and its power as a personal spiritual pursuit. Some work as healers in a variety of modalities for which shamanic practice is complementary. Some have the goal of becoming shamanic practitioners. All graduates are practitioners of high caliber. Bekki and Crow vet their students carefully and require a high level of dedication to the path.

In 2007 we were privileged to present a paper, Revivalist Shamanic Practice in Non-Indigenous Communities in the US, at the 8th conference of the International Society for Shamanistic Research, in Hungary, in which we tell some stories of the healings performed by some of our Intensive graduates from previous years. If you are interested in these stories of healing we recommend that you read this paper.

We have invited our Intensive graduates, and graduates of our apprenticeship programs, to have a page on this website. They share their journeys on the shamanic path, and their contact information, for potential clients.