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One of the great pleasures of our work is the opportunity to meet and study with people of like mind and similar interests. Such connections allow us to occasionally invite our friends and teachers to teach for us at Dragon Waters.

In recent years we have been honored to present workshops by Dr. Chris Forester, Sarangerel Odigan, Ramon Lopez, Arawn Machia and Mary Pat Mann.

Please check the current Schedule for listings of workshops by these gifted teachers.

Dr. Chris Forester

Dr. Chris Forester is an Oxford valedictorian with degrees in philosophy, theology and psychoanalysis. He owns Chrysalis, one of the UK's largest therapy training colleges, and is a Certified Shamanic Practitioner of the Church of Earth Healing.

In 2004 he taught two weekend workshops at Dragon Waters. In the spring he presented the wonderfully helpful Nourishing Work, a shamanic approach to prosperity and right livelihood. Every student in the workshop reported dramatic improvements in their prosperity within a few weeks. In the fall he taught The Dreaming Shaman, using journeywork to visit dreams and to enhance dreamwork, exploring the nature of dreaming and symbol. Chris' shamanic dreamwork is informed by his study of Jung and other dream theories as well as his personal shamanic explorations.

Sarangerel Odigan

Sarangerel Odigan was the noted author of Riding Windhorses and Chosen by the Spirits. (See our reading list under Shamanic Intensive.) She was of Buryat, Hungarian and Scots ancestry and, in recent years, and spent much time as an active shaman in Buryatia in Siberia. Sarangerel visited Dragon Waters many times, doing healing work, leading ceremonies and teaching about Buryat/Mongolian shamanism. She also taught shamanism in Europe and around the US.

Sarangerel joined her ancestors on February 28, 2006. There is a memorial page for her on the Circle of Tengerism web site. For more information on Buryatia and Buryat shamanic practice see our Links page.

Ramon Lopez

Ramon Lopez is a native of Puerto Rico with deep personal involvement in, and anthropological knowledge of, the shamanic traditions of that island, the Caribbean and South America. A gifted artist and musician with a devotion to the spiritual practices of his homeland and a capacity to weave these arts through his shamanic practice, Ramon is a Dreaming Shaman and has special interests in crystals as Spirit Houses. He has taught on both topics at Dragon Waters as well as sharing teaching with Crow in Chicago (where they met). He is a Certified Shamanic Practitioner of the Church of Earth Healing.

Arawn Machia

Arawn Machia is a healer, psychic consultant, psychotherapist, and spiritual counselor extensively schooled in both ancient magickal practices and modern behavioral sciences. He has studied with internationally recognized shamans and psychotherapists in the United States and Europe. According to Who's Who in the World, Dr. Machia's "noteworthy achievements are of lasting value to humankind."

Having served as the director of counseling and adjunctive therapies for a large Florida consortium, Dr. Machia chose to redirect his work to successfully functioning personalities who desired to improve the quality of their lives, relationships, and communication. He holds university degrees in theology, education, and psychology and has done post-doctoral work in Princeton.  Arawn is a Reiki master, a Strege high priest and elder, and an ordained minister. He uses Tarot, past life regression, dream interpretation, and magickal technologies to raise the consciousness of each individual, resulting in the improvement of the mass-consciousness.  His work is devoted to sharing and teaching  techniques that have transformed him so that others can create the changes they want in their lives.

Arawn teaches courses, seminars, and training in life skills and topics in psychology, New Age science, and Indo-European shamanism. He has taught Dragons: Magick and Lore, a workshop derived from Strege practices and knowledge.

Mary Pat Lynch, PhD

Mary Pat dreams, journeys, teaches and writes about the Imaginal Realm, where all things are possible.  She offers workshops and individual consultation on dreamwork and loves to explore mythology and story, women's lives and goddess spirituality, ecology and environmental issues, and her Irish heritage.

Mary Pat draws on the work of dream teachers Robert Bosnak, Robert Moss, Jeremy Taylor, Jill Mellick, and Arnold Mindell as well as the insights of depth psychology.  She studies shamanic journeying through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and the Church of Earth Healing (where dreaming shaman Ramon Lopez first showed her how closely dreams and journeys were connected).

Her essays, short fiction and poetry have appeared online in Mytholog, Earthsongs, and the Rocky Mountain Dream Journal, and in print in Parabola, Pangaia, SageWoman, Buffalo Woman's Vision, and the poetry collection, The Pagan's Muse. She has taught Three Cauldrons in Every Person, shamanic work based in ancient Irish lore, and Dreaming the Journey, a shamanic dreaming workshop.