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This active two-day workshop requires knowledge of shamanic journeying. Inthe past it was a prerequisite for Bekki's and Crow's advanced Two Week Intensive Training.

Bekki has trained Colleen McKenzie, one of her shamanic apprentices, to work with her in facilitating this workshop. In the past, she and Crow have invited other advanced students to assist them in this process.

Sound healing is used by shamans of diverse cultures.  Learning to make healing sounds and songs involves becoming a vehicle for Spirit.  To do so requires knowledge, discipline and opening to the ways of Spirit.

But this workshop is about much more than using the voice or sounds for healing. And having a powerful singing voice is not a criterion-- though many people have found their voice though doing this work.

This workshop provides the guidance and safe container, the "cauldron", within which self-healing may take place, to allow each participant to connect with the "seed sound" within and use it for self-healing and for helping others. We do this with the active help of shamanic allies.

Clearing pathways for energy to manifest allows us to use other forms of energy as healing tools.  In the early 1990s, Bekki was given a process by her allies for clearing these pathways and finding the "seed sound", the energetic essence of our authentic self. This is the core work we will be doing in the workshop. in the past, each participant has been guided through this process, and assisted in evoking the seed sound, by Bekki and Crow. Bekki always work with a co-facilitator in this process.

After accessing the seed sound, we explore other kinds of shamanic energy work including trance dancing and hands-on healing with the help of spirit allies.

Advance registration is required to attend all Church of Earth Healing classes and workshops. See the Schedule for when and where Opening the Shamanic Voice is next offered.

"Opening the Shamanic Voice is a deeply transformative spiritual experience.  For me it was a completely new awakening to how I am able to interact with God/Spirit/the Universe as well as how I look at every day life."
--- M. T., Chicago IL workshop, 1999

"The healing portion was amazing.  Lots of pertinent information and the hands-on portion gave me more confidence in myself to diagnose problems."
--Mairyann Montalva, MacArthur OH workshop, 2008

" I found the workshop to be a powerful experience, I did not realize that I could do hands-on work, and was very amazed that the work that I did resonated with my partners." 
--- David Russell, MacArthur OH workshop, 2008

"Opening the Shamanic Voice was essential for me to access and make friends with vital parts of my core power.  I've used this for healing and also just in life in general.  It's a powerful workshop that will open more than just your voice."
--- J. R., Beavercreek OH workshop, 2008
"This work helps bring the shamanic experience more fully into one's body. It is a way to translate the journey work into sound and movement; bringing it down into one's core and then giving life to that expression of self. It is an experience to connect with oneself in a deep, vibrating way to bring one's voice and core self into the here and now. "
--- R. F., Warminster PA workshop, 2002