Many people who have studied with us over the years have expressed interest in past-life work, and have asked us about whether this is compatible with shamanism and the shamanic world view.

Many tribal, shamanic peoples do have some sort of belief system that encompasses reincarnation. Exactly how they see this differs from group to group and is often quite different from the highly developed view point of Hindu or Buddhist beliefs that most Westerners are familiar with.

Over the years Bekki and Crow have developed ways of working with past lives that marry neo-shamanic techniques to a pan-cultural approach to reincarnation. This shamanic perspective on experiencing our past lives is somewhat different from the process of “past life regressions” which many people are familiar with.

Your teachers come to this work with a deep understanding and an appreciation of those cultures, tribal and non-tribal, who acknowledge strong connections to past lives and to their ancestors as part of their daily existence.

Both Bekki and Crow have been directed by Spirit to use past life work in doing shamanic healing for their clients. They have also explored past-life material in a variety of settings, including a joint hypnotic regression to explore a past life in which they had been together. In comparing notes, they discovered they had visited the same past life! and were finishing each other's sentences... This convinced the sceptical, Virgo-in-spades Crow that there really is something to this past-life stuff!

In shamanic past life work, you are the one who has the direct connection with your past lives. No one does it for you or “to” you; you are the one to live the experience.

Finally, working with your teachers and allies makes the shamanic approach an especially safe and comfortable one.

This weekend workshop, designed for students already experienced in shamanic journeying, will help you to understand the significance of past lives, karma and reincarnation for other peoples. Drawing on this material we will also consider the ways in which access to your own past lives can be exciting and helpful for you today.

The workshop will include plentiful opportunities to experience connection with your past lives for pleasure and for self discovery. You will also use these valuable connections to strengthen your own healing and to help others.