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"I will always be grateful for this peaceful, healing, transformative time away from everyday life."   --Dr. Chris Forester

"...we found our time with you thoroughly refreshing, came away with delighted palates and sated tummies (and no weight gain) and, most important, have been using the tools you transmitted to us. The journeywork was amazing, novel and authentic, something more than just active imagination at work! And I'm a convert to craniosacral therapy ... utterly amazing."--Healing Retreat Client, May 2003

Are you in need of healing for mind, body, or spirit? Take a break from your routine to enjoy tranquil surroundings and expertly prepared home-cooked, natural food, with the time and space to experience healing treatments matched to your needs and the focus on you and your growth. Spend quality time with respected shamanic teachers and healers trained in massage therapies, craniosacral work and energy healing.

"This past weekend I had the wonderful experience of a retreat at Dragon Waters. When I arrived I was in the middle of a healing crisis with very low energy levels and pain in all my joints, among other things. Bekki and Crow immediately took the horse by the reins and began what would be an awe-inspiring consultation. I received craniosacral therapy, massage, shamanic healing, an astrological consult and some very sound advice.

"The site is remarkably beautiful. Dragon Waters is snuggled into a valley with a beautiful stream surrounding two sides. There are lovingly tended herb gardens as well as a nearby spring that provides incredibly delicious water. I cannot say enough about the food. Meals were prepared with obvious loving care and were par with a five star restaurant only much healthier.

"By the time I left I was feeling much better. My energy levels were up, my joints no longer hurt and my TMJ was much better. I ran into a colleague today and she remarked that my whole demeanor had changed. I hope to be able to experience another one of these retreats in the future."   --Healing Retreat Client, Spring 2004

Enjoy the experience of a personal healing retreat at Dragon Waters. Join us for a day, a weekend or a full week of focused and intense healing and teaching, designed to meet your needs. Retreats are available for individuals or couples, including:

  • powerful shamanic healing sessions for spiritual, emotional and physical issues
  • Structural Therapy and massage
  • Craniosacral work
  • astrological consultation, tarot, and other divination
  • training in shamanic techniques appropriate for your healing and growth
  • gourmet, home-cooked food from a wide variety of cuisines
  • a restful healing environment in which to effect positive change

Bekki and Crow

Bekki and Crow are experienced practitioners and teachers of all the major shamanic healing techniques including soul retrieval, psychopomp work and exorcism, extraction and energy healing. Each has more than 20 years of active work with clients, and 20 years of teaching shamanism.

Bekki is a licensed massage therapist practicing Structural Therapy. Both Crow and Bekki do cranio-sacral work and have many years of training and experience in other healing modalities.

Bekki is a professional astrologer and tarot reader and both she and Crow are proficient in a variety of divinatory techniques.

We are gourmet cooks familiar with a wide variety of ethnic cuisines as well as the Blood-Type Diet. We cook with local, free-range, mostly organic ingredients obtained from farmers and growers in Athens and surrounding counties. We eat a wheat-free diet and are open to cooking with your dietary needs in mind.

The Retreats

Each visit is planned by you with Crow and Bekki, and includes a balanced combination of healing sessions, meals, relaxation and extracurricular activities appropriate to your interests, your needs and the time you have available. Weekend or weeklong healing sessions often include custom tailored shamanic training, which allows you to maximize the effectiveness of the healing you receive.

Dragon Waters is built on the foundations of a log cabin dating to the mid 1800s. A creek encircles the house, thus the (Feng Shui inspired) name, Dragon Waters. We live a simple life style, cooking and heating with wood. Our drinking water is supplied by a local spring famous throughout the county for its quality. Our five cats and one dog add a great measure of love and healing to Dragon Waters. Guests have the option of a private room or camping space on the land, and a private bathroom with a shower.

A 24-hour day retreat with three meals and an overnight stay is $200. A two-day, two-night weekend (arrive Friday, depart Sunday) including 5 meals is $375. A five-day or four- or five-night 'week' (arrival and departure days to be arranged) including 14 meals is $750. A seven-day or six- or seven-night week including 20 meals is $875.

Prices are per person for one or two people. The cost for our retreats includes three meals a day, tea or coffee breaks, daily healing sessions, teaching where applicable, and a private room. We can also refer you to accredited practitioners and therapists in the area who work with EMDR, Reflexology, Pranic Healing, etc. Their charges vary and are not included in the healing retreat package.

For a separate cost, there are also several campgrounds and bed and breakfast facilities nearby, ranging from plain to deluxe in style and cost.

Dragon Waters is easily reached by car: 20 minutes from Athens OH, 2 hours from Columbus OH, 6 hours from Washington DC, 8 from Chicago, 8 from Columbia SC and 9 from Philadelphia.

Bus and limo service are available from Columbus International Airport into Athens. We can pick you up in Columbus for $50 for one or two people; round trip $100. One-way taxi service, Columbus to Athens, varies from $90 up per person. There are advantages to renting your own vehicle at the airport if you want to tour the area. We happily provide transportation, at no additional cost, for travel around the area, which we can help you design into your retreat.

Local Attractions

Dragon Waters includes 16 acres of wild, wooded, hilly, wonderful land, with streams, springs, places for meditation, and plenty of walking trails. There is ample opportunity for exercise during your visit.

Nearby is beautiful Ash Cave, part of the Hocking Hills State Park complex which includes Old Man's Cave, Cedar Falls, Rock House and other formations, as well as camping facilities, a lodge, cabins and other amenities.

Waterloo State Forest is adjacent to Dragon Waters, part of Zaleski State Forest. There are riding stables in the area and a Horse Camp at nearby Lake Hope State Park.

Athens and Meigs Counties are home to several practicing herbalists and herb and native-plant nurseries including Companion Plants Herb Nursery, Plant-It Herbs, specializing in Chinese medicinal plants and the Restless Native and the Athens Farmer's Market, with up to 50 vendors, many specializing in organic food. Athens also boasts a vast array of artists and craftspeople, and several fine galleries. Forty-five minutes to the north and west are the Hocking Hills State Parks) with beautiful caves and other areas of interest.

Serpent Mound is about 2 hours away, The Adena/Hopewell Mounds in southwestern Ohio are 2-3 hours away, the Leo Petroglyph State Monument is about an hour, all to the west. Flint Ridge and the Mound Complex near Newark OH are about 2 hours north of us. This website covers most of the Adena/Hopewell mound sites in central/southern Ohio:


Learn more, or book your Healing Retreat by telephoning (740)664-5050 or emailing us at

We are available for retreats as our schedule allows. We are often booked some months in advance. Once you have made your booking, a check or money order to

The Church of Earth Healing
6560 SR 356
New Marshfield OH 45766, USA

will confirm your reservation. One-half the total cost of your retreat is due when you make your confirmation and one-half upon arrival.

"I came to Crow and Bekki late in 2002 for a week-long retreat. I had a lot of health issues at the time, including painful whiplash injuries from an auto accident, as well as the desire to reconnect spiritually and work on some personal matters. Bekki and Crow were already well known to me as shamanic teachers and healers, so I knew I could trust them to make my stay a fruitful one.

"My time at Dragon Waters exceeded my expectations. I received some intensive and powerful shamanic healing, as well as daily physical healing in the form of massage and cranio-sacral therapy, which really cleared up my injuries. I've received cranio-sacral before, due to back pain, from several practitioners. This was by far the best I've had and I'm convinced this is due to Crow's long healing experience. In addition, there was ample time to chat about life, to exchange ideas, and to learn; as well as to participate in feast after feast of wonderful food. Throughout my stay we had a blanket of snow on the ground, which made the retreat all the more tranquil. Unlike many retreat experiences, there is always something playful and light hearted about Dragon Waters as well: relaxation and a sense of humour go hand in hand.

"I would totally recommend these healing intensives and fully intend to take another one as soon as I can."
--Dr. Chris Forester, Registered Psychotherapist, England