Shamanic Cosmologies introduces, through reading and discussion, many of the cosmological views common to tribal and early civilized people worldwide. While these views include the tripartite conception of Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds so frequently publicized in Neo-shamanic literature, the actual experience of shamans world wide is much broader and deeper, and it is this very rich vein that we mine in this workshop. This knowledge is then put to experiential use in journeying and ritual so that we are opened to new and powerful ways to inhabit both ‘shamanic’ and ‘ordinary’ realities.

“I have always taught shamanism within the framework of the traditional “layer cake” cosmology; Upper, Middle and Lower worlds with various manifestations of Spirit and reality in each. This has been useful, effective and correlated well with my own and students’ experiences during journeying.  I also discuss and encourage students to experience the World Tree and World Mountain (sometimes called the Axis Mundi) which often grow and flourish in the midst of the layer cake. Thus, I was a little surprised when  during a discussion of shamanic cosmologies with Bekki in 2011 she urged me to look into the literature and write up my findings.” 

Crow Swimsaway

This provocative experience led to many discoveries which Crow subsequently wrote up in the article also titled "Shamanic  Cosmologies", which has been published in somewhat abreviated form in the journal Sacred Hoop, and which led also to the creation of this workshop. The article in its entirety is available here.