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"This workshop is a cross between Jack and his magic beanstalk and psychotherapy.  You find out more about your creative self than you thought possible and you get to plant those magic beans and watch them grow.
I am a visual artist, I do lots of shows and get wonderful feedback but feel that I am continually ‘emerging’—I wanted to get past this stage.
The Creativity workshop met and exceeded my expectations.  I learned a great deal about my own creativity and how it works for me and also how to contact a muse and what to expect.   The analysis is geared to help you individually in as micro or as macro a way as you desire.
In the workshop a supernatural seed is planted and with a little nurturing it keeps growing and growing much like Jack’s bean stalk."
---- Mairyann Wrentmore, artist and participant (April 2006)

In this workshop, we journey to connect with the spirits who inspire our creative endeavors.We come to know how and where our inspiration is ignited, and how to intentionally seek those spiritual connections that feed our creativity.

Depending on the needs of participants, we focus on burnout/artist's block; connecting with the Source of our creativity; utilizing creative gifts to honor Spirit; and generating ideas for creating beautiful tools for our work with ceremony and healing. We work with our "creativity" allies and guides on ways to take our creativity further. We also spend some solitary time devoted to being creative.

Bring a dedicated journal for creative work, and some artistic medium you can utilize during the workshop. Photography, writing, music, dance and any portable artistic medium work well for our creative time.

Bekki Shining Bearheart is an artist, craftsperson, musician and writer, with a BFA in ceramics and certification in art education.

Advance registration is required to attend all Church of Earth Healing classes and workshops. See the Schedule for when and where Creativity workshops are next offered.