Soul Retrieval is a shamanic healing technique practiced by the majority of shamanic healers worldwide. The method varies from culture to culture, though all recognize the reality of soul loss. Parts of one's soul may be driven away by traumatic life events (physical, emotional or spiritual). The healer performs a journey to find, bring back and restore to the client the missing part(s) of soul essence. Soul Retrieval is often helpful for depression, apathy, chronic illness, addiction or when feeling not fully present.

"Bekki, since seeing you and Crow last August things have changed in many different ways. It took quite a while for me to get used to all the extra soul parts. For days my chest felt so full I thought it would burst! ... A month after seeing you I tried Healing a rather sick house plant and much to my surprise felt energy flowing from my hands.

Thank you again for the work you did with me. It really did set the wheels in motion for my journey... I do feel I wouldn't have got this far without the soul retrieval."

--English Client, August 2004

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