Spirit Houses is taught in a half- to one-day format. It does require experience with shamanic journeying.

There is a practice, widespread among shamanic peoples, of finding or making "houses" within which the spirits may dwell. These may be found and used as they come from nature or they may be elaborately made or decorated by the shaman.

Allies, ancestors and deities are the most usual occupants of spirit houses. The houses may be perceived as permanent dwelling places of the spirits or as meeting places, half-way points between the lands of people and the lands of Spirit where we may both safely go to meet and do our work. It is not unusual for the houses, and the spirits within, to receive elaborate care from the shamans who have them in their care and keeping.

In this workshop we enjoy discussing and examining actual spirit houses. Then we visit various kinds of houses in journey and finally, following the guidance of Spirit, each person makes a spirit house. The final work is a ceremony to invite the spirit into the house.

*This workshop is inspired by the work of Ramon Lopez with Crystal Homes for the Ancestors which he has taught for the Church of Earth Healing in Chicago and Athens.

Advance registration is required to attend all Church of Earth Healing classes and workshops. See the Schedule for when and where Spirit Houses is next offered.