This is an intermediate, two-day workshop taught by Crow.

Connecting with Spirit in a deeply sensual way is a foundational part of many shamanic traditions.

It is natural that the “celestial wife’s” intervention in the shaman’s mystical experience should be accompanied by sexual emotion...the close relations between mystical and carnal love are too well known for the mechanism of this shift in plane to be misunderstood. (Eliade, Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy, 1964, p.79)

This workshop provides the opportunity to explore your own relationship with the sensual side of shamanism. You will learn about spirit lovers in traditional and contemporary shamanic practice, then journey to discover what part such a valentine might play in your life; indeed whether or not such relationships are appropriate for you. As your knowledge deepens, so will your understanding of yourself, your skills and your needs in relationships.

Registration for this workshop includes a copy of Adventures with the Shaman’s Daughter, Swimsaway, 2013, self-published.