Cauldrons simmer at the heart of Celtic myth: sources of nourishment, objects of quest, and containers of transformation. They are sought after but out of reach, redemptive yet threatening, holding mysteries that few ever plumb. And yet... one medieval Irish manuscript says we each have cauldrons of our own, born within us to safeguard our well being and initiate our transformations.

How many cauldrons do we have? Not hard: Three is ever the sacred number of the Celts.

In this weekend workshop, we will study ancient sources and modern interpretations to learn about the Three Cauldrons. We will journey to find our cauldrons and meet their guardians. We will learn how to work with and care for these sources of sustaining and transformative energies.

Experience with shamanic journeying is required for this workshop. Knowledge of Irish or Celtic myth is not required, although any background you have in this area will add richness and depth to your work.

This workshop is taught by Mary Pat Lynch, PhD, who has studied shamanic journeying since 1997, and Irish and Celtic myth and history since she was little. She has been working with the Three Cauldrons material for four years and enjoys sharing what she's learned with others.

The workshop will begin Friday evening with an introduction to the medieval manuscript which includes the Three Cauldron material and a discussion of how the manuscript has been translated and interpreted. We will also use this evening session to discuss Celtic dream traditions and incubate a dream to begin our cauldron work.

On Saturday, we will journey to each cauldron to learn about its condition and its guardian. Our goal is to work with all three cauldrons over the course of the weekend, but it is important to establish good contact with the first cauldron before moving on to the second, and with the second before working to the third. For that reason, we will spend as much time as needed in each stage before moving on.

Morning and afternoon working sessions are planned for Saturday. The evening is open to allow for additional journey work, or for an evening of Celtic music and storytelling as chosen by the group. We will again set intentions for dreaming Saturday night.

Sunday morning, we will gather to review our weekend's work and make additional journeys as needed. We will discuss how to carry this work into the future and close by honoring the cauldron guardians we have met.

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