This two-day, intermediate workshop is taught by Crow and is an introduction to the sacred, spiritual aspects of pig/human relationships. Strong journeying skills with active connections in both Lower and Upper Worlds are required.                 

Many cultures around the ancient Mediterranean and many tribal peoples honoured the shamanic and sacred power of the pig. Today, some of us share their respect for this power – though we may not know quite why – but few of us have made the spiritual contact necessary to understand their feelings or ours. Using your journeying skills in this workshop you have the opportunity to meet the Sacred Sow, the Shamanic Boar, learn of their power and discover how you may best bring it into your own life. You will develop a very helpful relationship in Spirit with a creature which has supported humankind as companion, inspiration and food for at least 6000 years.   
Through reading and discussion many of the known facts and opinions about human relationships with pigs will be shared (bring your own pig tales). We will also honour this magical creature with ritual and ceremony including sharing its essence as food. The Romans had a special dish they called the Trojan Hog!                                             

Recommended reading: This workshop was inspired by Lyall Watson’s Whole Hog, Marija Gimbutas’ The Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe, and Robert Graves’ The White Goddess. Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather is an old favourite. Reading any and all of these before the workshop will deepen the experience for you. Most are available through the Athens Public Library and the Church of Earth Healing collection.                                        

For this two day weekend workshop the cost is $165 including tea and coffee if booked at least 30 days in advance; $185, two weeks in advance; $200 during the last week, if there is space.                                                                              
There will be a potluck feast on Saturday evening honouring the best of pork. Lunches and snacks are also potluck and may or may not contain pork. (Anybody know a source of good, authentic Cracklings?)  

This workshop is not suited to vegans, vegetarians or anyone else having an aversion to pork. Ritual eating of the sacrificed creature is an essential part of the weekend’s spiritual experience. Even the ancient Jews sacrificed and ate pigs on one special ceremonial day of the year.