As with many non-profit organizations who must generate their own support and growth, we are grateful to receive donations of all kinds to help support our work. The following are things we are in need of currently. As a church we are able to receive tax-deductable donations.

Miscellaneous building supplies are always useful--- no donation is too small.
Currently we need new or used lumber, and bricks of all kinds. We love to recycle, and a lot of wood that is too "used" to build with can be used in the garden, as long as it doesn't have old paint or nasty chemicals in it. Same with bricks and paving stones.

Weed Wacker
Lopper for trimming small trees
Other Garden Tools
Gift certificate for Companion Plants, Horizon Herbs or One Green World (see LINKS) to expand the herb garden.

We have small and large projects going on all the time.
Currently the spirits have indicated we should build a small barrow (stone and earth chamber) on the land for doing journey work in. If you want to participate in such a project please contact us.

When the growing season is upon us we put a lot of time in on the herb and vegetable gardens. We will barter training (either attendance at official workshops or individual internships) for help in the gardens and on the land. Learn about herbs and herbalism while tending the plants with us.

Sponsors for Workshops
We are grateful to all those past and present who have found value in what we have to offer and have taken the opportunity to study with us and share in the power and beauty of the shamanic path. We are always open to new opportunities to share our work and mission through teaching and healing, and invite those who feel called to do so to sponsor us in their communities. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in doing so.

Monetary donations are always helpful, and help us continue the good work we do. Volunteerism is a major part of our work, and our home base is in Appalachia (need I say more?) There are lots of good folks here who can not afford healthcare or other services we can provide. Some are disabled and cannot work, or depend on us to help them stay well enough to work. We also are involved with a number of volunteer organizations working on behalf of the earth, and we often take on other projects that contribute to the greater good. Your donation helps us log more volunteer hours, and to provide services to those who can not afford it.