This workshop,taught by Bekki, was gifted to her in 2012 by her helping spirits. Like Bear Medicine and Magic, it focuses on forming or expanding a relationship with specific animal allies, in alignment with the shamanic lore, myths and tribal wisdoms of these allies across cultures and through time. Knowledge of shamanic journeying is a prerequisite.

In some circumpolar traditions, humankind was born out of the marriage of Deer and Wolf, the first parents. Wolf and Deer form a synergistic partnership of hunter and prey; sacrifice and consumption; the heart and the belly; giving and taking. Both Deer and Wolf live in tribes. Yet the group dynamic of the two is different, and centered on each being’s unique relationship with life and the maintenance of life. Thus they guide us in different and special ways.

As we journey with Wolf and Deer we gain a more personal and direct understanding of their energies and gifts; of the power of community; and of our own place in community. Personal healing and shamanic power and wisdom can come through these connections, and we seek all of these as we communicate with these sacred beings.

In this workshop participants will
•    Expand their relationship(s) with Wolf and Deer if they already work with them as allies
•    Form powerful helping relationships with Wolf and Deer if they have not yet worked with them as allies
•    Learn myths, stories and related teachings of Wolf and Deer which come from several indigenous cultures around the world, and experience these teachings directly through shamanic journeys.
•    Celebrate their connections to these two magical and spiritual beings through ceremony and ritual, and receive the blessing of their presence.

The spiritual depth and academic breadth of Bekki Shining Bearheart's shamanic practice are something wonderful to behold.  Bekki is a delicately sensitive, highly intuitive practitioner with a gift for guiding students gently along their paths.  Her belief in the limitless potential of her students is heartwarming and loving, and she always finds time to support and encourage the people she interacts with.  

Heather Anderson

Detroit MI