The Fine Art of Tarot I: Intuitive Interpretation is an experiential exploration of Tarot. This workshop will get you started if you are a beginner, and deepen your understanding and interpretive skills if you are experienced. It will enhance your grasp of the art of reading by guiding you into a richer relationship with the Tarot archetypes.

This workshop looks at Tarot symbolism using a variety of metaphysical systems, including numerology, to see the deeper meaning behind each card, and explore how various decks use these meanings to explain the intricacies of human experience. By comparing and contrasting decks, Bekki helps you develop an intuitive understanding of the cards and their core meanings, bringing you into greater contact with your innate intuitive gifts.

Bekki has been reading the Tarot since 1973, and teaching Tarot workshops since 1988. She also occasionally takes on Tarot apprentices. She and Crow have read regularly for public presentations given by a variety of organizations on the Ohio University campus in Athens OH since 1990. She has been reading professionally for private clients in the Athens area and elsewhere for over 25 years.

Advance registration is required to attend all Church of Earth Healing classes and workshops. See the Schedule for when and where Tarot workshops are next offered.