The Fine Art of Tarot II: Telling the Story guides participants to an intuitive approach to reading with the cards. Students hone their reading skills by synthesizing the meaning of individual cards into a "life story". As they learn to see the patterns within each individual reading and how these reflect the client's life story, their effectiveness as readers deepens.

Bekki discusses how to communicate the messages in the cards to the client, in ways that enhance the client's understanding of her/his life and help the client to envision positive changes in potentially difficult or challenging situations, or to more fully utilize positive circumstances.

Bekki has been reading the Tarot since 1973, and teaching Tarot workshops since 1988. She also occasionally takes on Tarot apprentices. She and Crow have read regularly for public presentations given by a variety of organizations on the Ohio University campus in Athens OH since 1990. She has been reading professionally for private clients in the Athens area and elsewhere for over 25 years.

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