Bekki has been fascinated with the Good People for as long as she can remember: from stories drawing on her Danish and Hungarian heritage (raised on Hans Christian Anderson and stories of the old Scandinavian gods, and the origins of the ancient Hungarians re "The White Stag") to her studies and collecting of the magical ballads of Britain, a practice begun in her early teens. A childhood spent in the company of nature-- wild rivers and wilder woods, gardening, and contact with animals wild and domesticated-- nurtured her connection to the Fey. Avid reading of literature both traditional and contemporary added fuel to this fire. For many years she lived side by side with the Fey but never attempted to do more than cohabit their world, and it wasn't until late in her shamanic career that she attempted real study of literary scholarship on the Fey. Chance encounters with Orion Foxwood, a well-known teacher in the Pagan community, and Mary Pat Lynch, a life-long scholar of all things Celtic and many things mystical, led her to a deeper understanding of the Fey. In recent years she has benefitted greatly from her friendship with Dorothy Abrams and Eric Reynolds of the WEB Path Center, Clyde NY, who have shared many resources and conversations regarding their work with the Fey. These have validated many of her personal experiences and shown her once again how true and powerful shamanic work is.

In 2006 she undertook several trainings with Tom Cowan to explore her lifelong love and fascination more formally and to activate her relationship with the Fey more directly.Since 2007 she has practiced Faery Doctoring, and has developed her shamanic practice with the Fey to enhance much of her other work, including her shamanic dream work.

For some years her students have been requesting that she include the Faery work in her teaching, and so with the guidence of the Fey she is bringing this work to her community.

In addition to finding a Faery helper (or two) to help in our shamanic practice, in this workshop participants will explore
  • the Fey and the roles they occupy as shamanic helpers and healers, caretakers of the earth, and so on
  • Ancestral Fey (Fey of different lands and cultures)
  • Fey as Spirit Lovers

We will also share the teaching stories and songs of our forebears and make selected journeys based on these teachings, to aid our understanding of how to best relate to and work with the Fey.

For information on where Bekki is presenting this workshop please see the Schedule.