Ordering Books from Seventh Direction

We can only accept payment via check or money order, so you will need to mail your payment before we can send your books. We hope to make this process as clear and easy as possible.

  1. Email or call us at (740) 664-5050, stating which titles you want, how many copies of each title, how you want them shipped, and what form of payment we should expect.

  2. Mail your personal check or money order to:
    Seventh Direction Publishing
    6560 State Route 356
    New Marshfield, Ohio, 45766

    INCLUDE YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS and a copy of your order with your payment.

  3. We receive your payment and ship your books as ordered. If you provide an email address, we will notify you when the order has shipped.

Total cost includes the books + shipping, either Book Rate, Parcel Post or Priority Mail (i.e., First Class). Shipping costs within the Continental U.S. are listed in the table below.  Please contact us for international shipping and large orders.

Also, the Collection of Materials monograph is handled differently. If you order the Collection alone, it will be sent to you Priority Mail for  $2.00.  One copy of the Collection can be included in any other order with no additional shipping cost.

one book:
for each additional book, add:
Book Rate
$ 3.00
Parcel Post
$ 5.00
Priority Mail
$ 6.00