I am Betti Rooted Lionheart. I am now a Shamanic Healer, but, of course, I haven’t always been. I spent most of my life in what I now know in retrospect to be a state of depression. I felt deeply connected and deeply grieved for our Earth from the age of seven. I spent my life seeking some way to help save the Earth from the harm the human species has and is doing to her.

I met my Teacher, Bekki Shining Bearheart, in December of 2015. I saw her flier for a shamanic workshop. I wasn’t interested in and didn’t even know what Shamanism was. But I saw the words “Church of Earth Healing” and I had to know more.

In January 2016 the amazing, life changing word of the Shamanic Journey and connection to Spirit opened up to me. I have been healing, growing, changing, and manifesting ever since. I wish to share the blessings of my journey, the healing work that Spirit sees fit to move into the world through me, with you.

I have dedicated my life to knowing and sharing the Oneness of All Life. In that spirit, I share with you this song, gifted to me by my Spirit Guides:

At One

At One with the body of the Earth I am, at One with the body of the Earth
At One with the light of the Moon I am, at One with the light of the Moon
At One with the winds of the Sky I am, at One with with winds of the Sky
At One with the Sun who rises so high, at One with the Sun so high

I would love to help you heal! Please send me an email with your name, the best way to contact you, and any questions you have.

Website: https://moonwiseearthwalks.org/

E-mail: braidingtruth@gmail.com