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The Church of Earth Healing has provided teaching, healing and spiritual counseling within a shamanic framework in Athens County, Ohio since 1990, under the guidance of its founding ministers.


It is with great sadness that I inform friends and associates, and other interested individuals, that Crow Swimsaway passed from this earth plane on April 7, 2018. Crow enjoyed phenomenal health for most of his 81 years, maintaining the vigor of a much younger person. but contracted an inflammatory lung condition in late 2017, which worsened over the winter. In early March he was hospitalized with the Ohio Veterans Administration, and did not recover.

I will continue the work of the Church, and have several trainings planned for August and September of 2018, to bring new teachers of our core course, Fundamentals of Shamanism, on board. Also a ministerial training is planned for some time in the next year. These are open to graduates of our advanced Two-Week Intensive and our Apprenticeship programs.

Dragon Waters, our beloved home for over 3 decades, which has hosted many of our church functions, is in the process of becoming home to one of our long-time students, and will continue to function as the sanctuary it became under our stewardship. It will also continue to host some of the events we have facilitated over the years, and to be a welcome respite and retreat for friends and students. Watch the Schedule page for more updates.

Thanks to all who have supported our work for the last 30+ years, and especially those in the Athens Shamanic Drumming Circle who provided assistance and care to Crow and to Dragon Waters and the resident companion animals during his illness.

---- Bekki Shining Bearheart, Minister

Crow Swimsaway, PhD and Bekki Shining Bearheart, LMT, are shamanic healers, teachers and spiritual counselors who have been teaching shamanism together since 1982. We offer energy healing and bodywork, shamanic journeying, ally retrieval, shamanic extraction, soul retrieval, and psychopomp work. We provide shamanic divination and astrology and tarot consultations as a source of guidance. As licensed ministers, we perform legal weddings (handfasting) as well as other ceremonies and rituals based in pagan and shamanic traditions.

Though we have recently made the decision to go our own ways in our personal lives, we continue our joint involvement with, and support of, the work of the Church,  and remain friends and colleagues. We occasionally teach and do healing work together, and are also pursuing our work individually. Please note the new workshops each of us are developing, below.

  The Church of Earth Healing is located at Dragon Waters, home to Crow, as well as our teaching and healing center:
6560 State Route 356, New Marshfield, Ohio, 45766
Phone: (740) 664-5050

to e-mail Crow:
to e-mail Bekki:

Bekki has re-located to Ithaca NY, where she is now actively teaching and doing healing work.

Bekki and Crow also work and teach throughout the United States and occasionally the U.K.

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Our newest workshops
Dionysus: Trekking with the God of the Vine added summer 2013
Shamanic Cosmologies added summer 2013 (Crow)
Singing Wolf, Listening Deer: Balance and Power in the Heart and on the Path added summer 2013 (Bekki)

To The Waters and the Wild: Journeys with the Fey added January 2014 (Bekki)

You can find out when and where we are teaching these classes next by going straight to the Schedule.

In June 2007, Crow and Bekki presented a paper at the 8th conference of the International Society for Shamanistic Research, titled Revivalist Shamanic Practice in Non-Indigenous Communities in the US. It details work done by us and our advanced students, and discusses shamanism and shamanic healing as an inherent  human process that is natural and inevitable in all human cultures, including our own.