Please note that due to the COVID pandemic, Bekki’s classes have been moved online and will be taught online as necessary.

Bekki offers many workshops in varied areas of shamanic practice, and additional learning opportunities in the shamanic arts, energy healing, and divination.  New workshops are added from time to time, following the guidance of Spirit or at the request of students.

The teaching Bekki offers reflects her individual and collective experience with Crow, and the needs and interests of the students they have taught, individually and together. Each listing indicates whether that workshop has been taught by Bekki or Crow or both together. Bekki has taken over much of their collective course work, but some of Crow’s offerings are no longer available. They remain here as a tribute to his lifelong devotion to shamanism and his calling as a teacher. For more information about Crow’s work and life, see his memorial page.

Occasionally workshops are offered by guest teachers, friends and colleagues, or in tandem with them.

In addition to teaching at Dragon Waters or at venues in the Athens, OH area, Bekki and Crow have presented workshops at schools, bookshops, homes, churches, and fellowships, and Bekki continues to be available for teaching in other locations. She focuses most of her work in Ithaca, NY, and occasionally in Athens, OH. She is available to teach at other locations by arrangement. Since the advent of Covid, she has been teaching most of her workshops on line, through Zoom.

For many years Bekki and Crow taught workshops regularly in Chicago, IL; Philadelphia, PA; Washington, DC; Rochester, NY; Norfolk, VA; Columbia, SC; in cities around OH and WV; and points in between. In 2003, they began teaching and seeing clients in England. In 2005, they added Ireland to their itinerary.

They were also frequently invited to teach at pagan festivals and similar events. At festivals, presentations often fit the common one- or two-hour lecture format.  They have introduced many to the concepts of shamanic practice in this way. They have never taught journeying except as a full-on class, in order to give students a quality learning experience. This continues to be Bekki’s policy.

In addition, shamanic ritual and ceremony have always formed much of their personal and joint spiritual practice and they have always offered these to students, friends and the public. Bekki continues to make this a focus of her spiritual practice. These are sometimes informal, but also formal rites of passage are offered through the Church.

In 2005 Bekki and Crow initiated their first formal ministerial training. Current prerequisites for entering this training are completion of Bekki’s Year-long Shamanic Apprenticeship (or previous attendance at a Two-

Week Intensive), and certification as a shamanic healer, and permission of the instructor.

This training consists of modules on pastoral counseling, including divination; rites of passage and ceremonial work; relevance of shamanic healing to spiritual ministry, developing and working with a spiritual community, creating a vision for one’s ministry, and other topics as deemed necessary. It includes assigned readings and “homework.” All students will have completed the Shamanic Healing Apprenticeship or the Two-Week Healing Intensive (no longer available). The ministerial training extends and expands upon the skills of the healer, bringing forth the qualities of “ritualist,” “priest,” or “priestess” within the students.

One of the highlights of the training involves working one-on-one with volunteers in need of spiritual services. Generally at least four community service sessions of one to two hours are part of the training.