Bekki’s and Crow’s long involvement in the Pagan community (since 1981), and familiarity with ceremony within the tribal context of shamanism, conferred upon them a keen awareness of the importance of ceremony and ritual. Their love of ceremony has enhanced their gifts as ceremonialists and celebrants.

Bekki is known for her gift of working with individuals and groups to develop their goals and desires for ritual and ceremony, and of crafting those goals and desires into a deeply meaningful and powerful ritual which communicates effectively with Spirit and with community.

As an ordained minister recognized by the State of Ohio, Bekki performs legal and binding weddings.

Contact her for more information about these ceremonies and services.

“THANK YOU for the wonderful ritual at the Witches Heal event this year. I was really moved by the energies and the emotional release associated with this working. I had never experienced this type of ritual before.”

— Participant, Reindeer Healing Ceremony, Witches Heal 2004

Drumming Circles

The Church of Earth Healing sponsors weekly Shamanic Drumming Circles in the Athens, OH and Ithaca, NY areas, offering shamanic healing and spiritual guidance. The Athens Circle has met since 1989, and the Ithaca Circle was founded in 2014. The location, time, and day of in-person Circle meetings may vary, though it is usually mid-week, in the evening. As the pandemic evolves, the circles may transition to meeting in person–see the News & Events for times and dates.

Anyone trained in shamanic journeying may attend.  In addition to safe space and spiritual support to those on the shamanic path, Circle provides opportunities for members to journey on their own behalf to consult with Spirit, or ask for shamanic help from others. Bekki facilitates the Ithaca NY circle, and the Athens OH circle is facilitated by members of that circle.

For more information about the Ithaca circle, contact Bekki at

For more information about the Athens circle, contact Suzanne Sloo at



Birth is our first rite of passage. Western culture has showers and baby parties, but seldom celebrates this event in a spiritual way. Tribal peoples see ceremonial acknowledgment of our birth as vital. They often celebrate birth and life more than once, with important Birth Days at various ages.

Birthing ceremonies call on the spirits for protection of the child and affirmation of the sacredness of life. When we come into this physical body, it is a transformation from purely spiritual into multidimensional being. We may go through multiple birthings throughout our life, for life is a transformational process.



Tribal folk lead us to recognize how important our first name is. When your baby is old enough for naming, we can assist in that celebration. New names may be given or received at almost any age; acknowledging the life changes which a name change conveys is a wonderful time for celebration.


Puberty and Other Turning Points

Arrival of the challenging energy of puberty is a recognized point in the process of growing up, an important and rewarding time of initiation. Other times of early change are also significant for boys and girls and may deserve ceremonial recognition. Tribal groups often celebrate several different stages of initiation.


Joining (Weddings or Handfastings)

Rites of Joining (weddings or handfastings) don’t happen quite as soon after puberty as they have in earlier times, but they remain one of the most important times of ceremony. We are very fond of Joinings and have officiated them in churches, horse pastures, street festivals, hilltops, and caves. Where may we help you to celebrate yours?


Land, House, and Office Blessings

Today, humans are almost as mobile as traditional nomadic peoples. Each time we move, our relationship with the land and its Spirits can be made stronger and more effective through ceremony. Calling the spirits to bless our residences and places of business enhances our personal and professional lives and reminds us that life and work are sacred.

Should problems arise, we also do Shamanic Clearing and Depossession, which, for previously occupied premises, may be done as a matter of course prior to any Blessing work.


Separating (Parting of a Couple)

Times of separation, whether a parting of the ways or a formal divorce, are not easy. Ceremonial acknowledgment of the pain and the change of status are important and very helpful with the process of moving on with our lives. We have personal and professional experience with these events.



Some say there is little to celebrate in growing older. Crow used to say, celebrate every birthday and make the half-decades or decades really big ones!  Pagans are fortunate in having proper Croning and Elderhood rituals. It is joyous for us to facilitate those, or any other way you may prefer to honour your age.


Final Passage and Return

Worldwide, shamans are experienced with assisting the final passage of the soul to the other side through psychopomp journeys. Tibetan Buddhists know how to find and rejoice for the soul when it has made its passage beyond and returned. Irish wakes are famous celebrations of the life of the deceased. Honoring our loved ones as they make their way from this world, and celebrating their lives and our love for them, is a trust to be taken seriously. Our clergy are devoted to making the celebration of life a meaningful and personal ceremony.

Seasonal Celebrations

All peoples everywhere celebrate seasonal and other cyclical events. The Solstices and Equinoxes and a variety of other holy days, including days which are marked by their dedication to sacred beings, are commonly celebrated by people throughout the world. The clergy of the Church of Earth Healing are trained in various spiritual traditions and honor sacred times throughout the year. Check the calendar for ceremonies sponsored by the Church of Earth Healing.