The Church offers a number of services to the community, including shamanic healing, ceremonies, divination, journey work, astrological readings, and pastoral counseling. In addition we offer numerous workshops, shamanic apprenticeship, and ministerial training.

Bekki has been practicing divinatory arts for spiritual guidance, personal growth, and emotional and physical well-being for many decades, with Crow and solo, for herself and for others. If you are interested in scheduling an astrological or tarot reading, shamanic journey, or other session, please contact her.

As part of their work as ministers of the Church of Earth Healing, Bekki and associate clergy provide pastoral counseling to those in need. Their students and members of the various shamanic communities they serve know them as compassionate people who take their role as ministers seriously.

Hospice services and other work with the injured, the sick, the bereaved and the dying are a regular part of the Church ministry.