The teaching Bekki offers reflects her individual and collective experience with Crow, and the needs and interests of the students they have taught, individually and together.   Each listing indicates whether that workshop has been taught by Bekki or Crow or both together. Bekki has taken over much of their collective course work; Some of Crow's offerings are no longer available. They remain here as a tribute to his lifelong devotion to shamanism and his calling as a teacher.

Bekki offers many workshops in varied areas of shamanic practice, and additional learning opportunities in the shamanic arts, energy healing, and divination.  New workshops are added from time to time, following the guidance of Spirit or at the request of students.

Click on individual titles for a full description of each experience.  Advance registration is required; see the Schedule for information on when and where each workshop will next be offered.

In addition to teaching at Dragon Waters or at venues in the Athens OH area, Bekki and Crow have presented workshops at schools, bookshops, homes, churches and fellowships, and Bekki continues to be available for teaching in other locations. She focuses most of her work in Ithaca NY, and occasionally in Athens Ohio, and during 2020 she began to teach on line.

 For many years Bekki and Crow taught workshops regularly in Chicago IL, Philadelphia PA, Washington DC, Rochester NY, Norfolk VA, Columbia SC, in cities around OH and WV, and points in between. In 2003, we began teaching and seeing clients in England. In 2005, we added Ireland to our itinerary.

Bekki and Crow were also frequently invited to teach at Pagan Festivals and similar events. At festivals, presentations often fit the common one- or two-hour lecture format.  They have introduced many to the concepts of shamanic practice in this way. They have never taught journeying except as a full-on class, in order to give students a quality learning experience. This continues to be Bekki's policy.

In addition, shamanic ritual and ceremony have always formed much of their personal and joint spiritual practice and they have always offered these to students, friends and the public. Bekki continues to make this a focus of her spiritual practice. These are sometimes informal, but also formal rites of passage are offered through the Church.

A complete list of the workshops offered through the Church follows:

Shamanic Practice

Introductory (no experience needed)
Fundamentals of Shamanism  Bekki/Crow
Making Peace with Tobacco Spirit  Bekki/Crow
Graceful Aging  Crow

Journeying experience required
Animal Spirits  Bekki/Crow
Bear Medicine and Magic  Bekki/Crow
Circle of the Ancestors   Bekki/Crow

Dreaming the Journey  Bekki
Drumming in the Temple   Bekki
European and Eurasian Shamanism  Bekki/Crow
Mapping the Landscape of Love  Bekki
Opening the Shamanic Voice  Bekki/Crow
Rooted in the Heart, Seeded in the Soul  Bekki/Crow
The Elementals in Shamanic Practice Series  Bekki/Crow
Trekking with the God of the Vine:   an Exploration of Dionysus  Crow
Mugwort and Friends  Crow
Get A Life: Past Lives and Shamanism
Shamanic Cosmologies   Crow
Singing Wolf, Listening Deer  Bekki
To the Waters and the Wild  Bekki

Study with Bekki (or Crow) required
Shamanic Healing Apprenticeship with Bekki

Two-Week Shamanic Healing Intensive
Church of Earth Healing Ministerial Training

Shamanic Arts

Journeying experience required
Shamanic Rattle Making  Bekki/Crow
Shamanic Tool Making  Bekki/ Crow
Shamanism, Song, and Dance  Bekki
Shamanism for the Creative Artist  Bekki
Spirit Houses  Bekki/Crow

Energy Healing

Introductory (no experience needed)
Feng Shui  Crow
Min Zin and Letha Yoga  Bekki/Crow

Journeying experience required
Chi, Nature, and Shamanism  Crow


Introductory (no experience needed)
Astrology   Bekki
Tarot I: Intuitive Interpretation  Bekki
Tarot II: Telling the Story   Bekki

"Bekki/Crow" indicates that either Bekki or Crow or both together teach, or have taught, the workshop