I started on this path in 2005 by taking the ‘Fundamentals of Shamanism‘ workshop. After that I attended workshops on ‘The Three Cauldrons’, ‘Ancestors’, ‘Creativity‘, ‘Plant Spirits’, ‘Shamanic Voice’ and graduated from the two week ‘Shamanic Intensive’ in October 2009. I am always reading books on shamanism and find that the learning never ceases.

My Druidic ally gives me advice and guidance on what to study next, which at the moment, is learning more about growing and using herbs in medicinal and magical ways. I also have an interest in Weather Shamanism and spend some time each day observing the weather and honoring the weather spirits. A trip to Pennsylvania sparked my interest in the Pennsylvania Dutch healing art of ‘pow wow’. This is really a form of Shamanism. The chants coupled with the energy work and a bit of Shamanic journeying are a good addition to the healing techniques I practice.

Qi Gong and Yoga also find their way into my healing advice as I practice those daily and for the past 25 years I have created art work based on mythology. Knowledge of the stories of cultures around the world serves to emphasize how we are all connected. It also serves to explain some of the visions I am given by my allies.

In order to connect to the spirits of the land I traveled to numerous spiritual sites including: Serpent Mound and Old Man’s Cave, Ohio; Machu Picchu, Peru; Harney Peak, S. Dakota; Seven Pools, Maui; and Sequoia Redwood Forest, Southern California. While in Gallup, NM (there is a Navajo reservation there and many beautiful sites) I had ceremony with two Dine (Navajo) Shamans. Both of them mentioned that I would probably become or at least study Shamanism. I find that significant because at the time I had only a minor interest and had not taken any workshops. At home I honor the earth spirits by constructing a faery shrine at each place that I live.

My Mother, an avid Mariologist, was from Peru. And my Father had Irish heritage. I was exposed to worshipping saints (god and goddess) and numerous folk cures and sayings. This background was a ‘gateway’ into shamanism!

My allies give excellent advice and have led me on a most interesting path. I currently reside in Florida.

Contact: Mairyann Montalva <firesign100@gmail.com>

Trust in Spirit,
Mairyann Montalva