Michelle Sampson has been journeying since 1998.  In 2000, she completed the advanced Shamanic series of classes with Bekki and Crow at Dragonwaters. She completed teacher certification training in 2019 with Bekki. She has been honored to receive wisdom from these and other teachers such as the late Miss Beatrice Waight (Mayan), Wendell Humphries (Shoshone-Bannock), Sarangarel (Buryat/Mongolian), Ramon Lopez (Puerto Rican) and others.

Careers in theatre design and technology, as well as in elementary and post-secondary education helped her develop teaching methodology and creative problem solving. Her upbringing in a Midwestern ‘blue collar’ household instilled an earthy pragmatism which helps balance the ethereal nature of the spirit work.

She practices core shamanism and works with whichever members of the rainbow tribe seek her help (and with whichever spirit allies show up to help.) Her culture of origin is mainstream American and genetically she is of Welsh/Irish ancestry and works mainly within these cosmologies and with those of her individual clients.