My birth name is Patricia; however, I use my spiritual name of Sidonia Nightsky.  My lineage is hereditary witch, pagan, and my ancestors are Bohemian/Irish.  The environment I grew up in is where my intuition and appreciation for nature were encouraged, and nurtured.  Misunderstood as a child, I often spent a great deal of time alone and close to nature relating with the spirit world, making allies and friends.  Spirit’s call was strong; some family members could see that I had calling, and encouraged me to practice my intuitive abilities.  Others perceived me as strange because of my lack of interest in conventional possessions, and their ideas of a normal childhood.  This eventually, led me to pursue intuitive arts, and tarot reading. 

Spirit remained an influence in my art, and the call of Spirit finally led to my shamanic studies.  I would visit the Edgar Cayce Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia where they had an extensive spiritual library reading everything I could find.  Sarangerel’s book “Riding Windhorses” and Michael Harner’s “Way of the Shaman”, among others, just ignited the fire more.

Bekki Shining Bearheart, LMT, and Crow Swimsaway, PhD were guest speakers at The Gathering of the Tribes, in Virginia, where they spoke of shamanism and working with allies.  It was here I began study with them.  During 2006 to 2007, I took an intensive series of courses offered through the Mystical Attic, and completed the Intensive Training at Dragon Waters in October 2007. 

I am currently a Minister and Teacher of the Old Religion.  Combining shamanic skills with other healing modalities allows me to work more closely with the spirit of the land, my ancestors, and plant spirit allies.  My training through Bekki Shining Bearheart, LMT, and Crow Swimsaway, PhD helps me to establish clear channels to the otherworld teachers, and I have established relationships with otherworld allies.  I’m facilitator of two Shamanic Woman’s Circles, dedicated to the Maiden, Mother, and Crone, where women can network, share, and feel safe.  The two groups are dedicated to women working with spirit, learning how to grow and transition through life with their personal power; I believe that all this came about through my own transitions, and trust in spirit.  Connecting the lineage (fire in my head), with the teachers and allies wanting to channel their power. 

E-mail:  (740)596-4288

The other modalities that I include in my shamanic practice are as follows:

  • I am a Reiki Master Teacher Lineage Usui Reiki Matao / Master teacher Scott Lichtman
  • Astrology Certification Lisa Huesman
  • Astrology Certification Susan Miller
  • Herbalist Certification Rosemary Gladstar

“I’ve known Sidonia Nightsky for more years than I can remember.  I’ve known her in the role of healer, mentor and mostly, Friend.  In all the roles I’ve known this lady, two words keep reoccurring for me, insightful and compassionate.  I see one of her most powerful tools as the ability to pull from her own experiences in life to assist others in recognizing and accepting the painful experiences we are so often challenged with.  Her gentle guidance and unconditional acceptance of sometimes ugly truths has the power to encourage others to discover the gold hidden in the pain and fear.”

–Becky Daniels, Norfolk VA