Suzanne Sloo is a certified Practitioner of Shamanic Healing and has been connecting with spirit through shamanic journeying since 2008.  She offers healing work through her private practice using techniques including ally retrieval, soul retrieval, ancestor work, shamanic extraction, psychopomp, exorcism and de-possession, energy healing and plant medicine.

Suzanne is co-organizer of the Athens Ohio group of the Shamanic Drumming Circle. She began attending the circle in 2008 and that year completed the Fundamentals of Shamanism training through the Church of Earth Healing, founded by Bekki Shining Bearheart and Crow Swimsaway. She continued her training with the completion of additional workshops including Circle of the Ancestors, Opening the Shamanic Voice and Shamanic Rattle Making.

In 2016 Suzanne completed a year-long Shamanic Apprenticeship Training with Crow and Bekki, which culminated in her practitioner’s certification, and subsequent practice as a shamanic healer.

Suzanne is also a member of a group born in Native American tradition, but which includes all races. The group performs regular ceremonies of prayer for the healing of the Earth.

Suzanne received her credentials as a Certified Massage Practitioner in California in 1990 but does not currently practice in Ohio.

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