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"The Fundamentals workshop provided groundedness in both wisdom and practice, and the teaching is very intellectually satisfying, as well as emotionally and spiritually exhilarating. Bekki and Crow create a tremendously powerful yet wonderfully safe space within which to work, learn, and stretch one's wings."
Jo Wheat, Columbia SC

"I learned these techniques from Bekki and Crow over 25 years ago . Shamanic practice has proven to be a practical and concrete way of communicating with and learning from Spirit. It’s a way to gain ‘real world’ solutions to problems rooted in the spiritual, emotional and physical realms. For me the fact that shamanic techniques are and have been used by humans across cultures since the indefinite past indicates their essential validity."    
 ~Jennifer Seymour, Spencer NY

"After just this one weekend workshop, I am able to journey on my own, finding guidance and help through this valuable healing tool."
Anne Romance, Salem WV

This two-day workshop is designed to teach you how to do shamanic journeying. There are recommended readings (see below) but no prior knowledge of shamanism is required.

This or similar experience in shamanic journeying is required for participation in  other shamanic workshops offered by the Church of Earth Healing, as well as Bekki's Shamanic Apprenticeship.

Shamanism is the most ancient technique of spiritual empowerment we know of. It is basic to all humans in every culture. It is most often used in healing, which may be individual, relational and communal. It is also such an effective technique for connecting with Spirit that it underlies all early spirituality.

Coming from extensive spiritual, experiential and academic backgrounds, Bekki and Crow have taught the techniques basic to shamanic healing wherever it has been found; these techniques are of profound value today in helping to heal ourselves and others.With Crow's passing, Bekki has taken on the task of training new teachers to take his place, and to take her own place as that becomes necessary.

This workshop begins with the background of shamanism presented in lecture and discussion. We then prepare the class and lead it into several classical shamanic journeying techniques, which we use to find and work with our personal power allies, do ally retrievals and other work for others and to contact and work with our teachers and guides. The climax of the class is everyone's participation in a group healing. The strength of our teaching lies in the fact that we are committed to a quality learnig experience for all students. In over 20 years of teaching, only a handful of students (literally) have been unable to journey. By the end of the average class, all students find that they are doing journey work with verifiable results, and gaining knowledge and information for themselves and their fellow students that they have no access to or prior knowledge of in ordinary waking consciousness.

Crow and Bekki have taught this introductory workshop since the early 1980's and always have found it to be one of their most exciting workshops. It is always amazing to be with students as they experience the archetypal connections shamanic journeying brings.


Readers beware: many books with 'shamanism' in the title have little to do with the subject. If shamanic journeying is not mentioned in the index or table of contents, think twice about buying the book.

We recommend: The Shaman by Piers Vitebsky, Riding Windhorses and Chosen By the Spirits by Sarangerel Odigan, Sacred Tree by the Four Worlds Development Center, and our own publications.

We usually have all these books in stock for sale if you cannot find them elsewhere. We have prepared a booklet called Fundamentals of Shamanism: A Collection of Materials for Students as the handout for this introductory workshop. You may order it in advance of the workshop.

A more in-depth listing of scholarly and popular works can be found on the Intensive page.

Advance registration is required to attend all Church of Earth Healing classes and workshops. See the Schedule for when and where Fundamentals of Shamanism is next offered.