Aug. 28 and Aug. 29: 10:00am-5:00pm


This is a remote workshop. We will be using Zoom.

Knowledge of, and experience with, shamanic journey work is required.

You may benefit from this workshop
If you have been looking unsuccessfully for a meaningful relationship which suits your emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical style
If you have difficulty feeling loved/loving in partnerships past or present
If you wish to open to the full potential of a loving relationship, past or present
If you have a feeling deep inside that more is possible in relationships of all sorts
If you want to create more balanced, profound and meaningful relationships in all areas of life.
If you feel like your heart is broken and you want to move past this to manifest a relationship of trust and love

Using journalling, discussion, journeying and other strategies, we explore what our deep self needs and desires in relationship, what we have to give to relationship, and the meaning and purpose of relationships we are in.

We work with our spirit helpers to gain insight and illuminate our understanding of the spiritual nature of relating and of love. With their help we create rituals and sacred work to focus our attention and intention toward manifesting meaningful and rewarding relationships in our lives, and bring new energy and meaning to relationships we already cherish.You will need a journal or notebook. Comfortable clothing is recommended and you may want to set your space up with a blanket and/or pillow so that you can journey lying down. We will take a few breaks for lunch etc, but it will be helpful if you have prepared lunch and snacks ahead of time.

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