The current year-long apprenticeship I am teaching is winding to a close. There are two weekends of teaching to complete: September 17-18 (topic: Psychopomp/Soul-guiding) and October 8-9 (topic: Exorcism and De-Possession).

I have also scheduled new classes for October. Fundamentals of Shamanism is taking place the weekend of October 22. This is the introductory course on shamanic journey work, and is a prerequisite for all of my shamanic courses, though you need not have learned journey work from me to be accepted into my advanced classes. You must, owever have strong journey skills. Circle of the Ancestors is taking place the weekend of October 29. This course on working with Ancestors has been one of my most sought-after classes since I began teaching it in the mid 1990s.

I anticipate adding more classes for December and for 2023 soon.